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 In Eradicating Poverty

Last night there was mention that jobs and health were related, and in all that I been reading – health navigators will be part of the ACOs eventually. Odell was called back to Mount Zion but among many of his talents, he is a workforce development specialist with low income people. The organization in this clip, Odell’s former “ministry” Welfare Reform Liaison Project decided to move way from economic development for low income folks to direct service. We have discussed developing health navigator training and placement – at the Mount Zion site which is huge – 90 classrooms, mostly unused during the week. We are just discussing this possibility but it is not out of our range, as in our meeting earlier yesterday at Wake Forest Medical Center’s with Gary Gunderson, they told us that they actually trained two janitors at the hospital to become community health navigators. We know have the technical know how to do this kind of training and more, so it could be replicated.

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